Quanzhou Petrochemical held a civil construction mobilization meeting for civil construction

Source:     Author:     Date:2018-11-01     

On October 31, Quanzhou Petrochemical Ethylene Project held a mobilization meeting for the civil construction 100-day labor competition, calling on all participating construction units to speed up the construction of civil infrastructure during the golden season of construction, fighting for 100 days, setting off the climax of civil construction and ensuring the successful completion of the ethylene project. . Jiang Zhenghong, President of Sinochem Energy Co., Ltd., deputy secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor Wang Yongli, Huiqing County Magistrate Lai Qingzheng, various contractors and participating units attended the labor competition mobilization meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Qiang, vice president of Sinochem Energy and general manager of Quanzhou.

After the goal of the 100-day competition was completed, all employees were mobilized with full enthusiasm and high morale to participate in the competition ,in order to ensure the implementation effect. Quanzhou Petrochemical ethylene project and contractors and suppliers also signed “Target responsibility book."

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