Mr. Zhong Ren, Vice President of Sinochem Energy, met with Simon Flowers of Wood Mackenzie

Source:     Author:     Date:2018-11-01     

On October 30th, Zhong Ren, Vice President of Sinochem Energy met with Mr. Simon Flowers, Chairman of the Energy Industry of Wood Mackenzie, who visited the company on the 9th floor of the World Expo Center. During the meeting, the Wood Mackenz team introduced the topics of global crude oil supply and demand, US crude oil production and crude oil reserves, and the current upstream investment environment of the petroleum industry, and expressed their views on the short-term oil price trend.

Mr. Zhong Ren expressed his gratitude to Mr. Simon Flowers for his visit to Sinochem Group. He emphasized that as a leader in energy industry research, Wood Mackenzie's sharing is very inspiring, and I look forward to more exchanges in the future.


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