The Delegation Led by Mr. Zhong Ren Visited Sinochem Oil Heilongjiang Co., Ltd.

Source:Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd.     Author:     Date:2019-01-10     

On January 9, 2019, Mr. Zhong Ren, Vice President of Sinochem Group and Vice President of Sinochem Energy, visited Sinochem Oil Heilongjiang Co., Ltd. to carry out supervision and inspection on work safety management. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Zeng Xiaoyu, Vice President of Sinochem Energy, and other leaders during the field investigation.

The delegation led by Mr. Zhong Ren visited Diantan Road Gas Station and Longde Oil Depot for on-site inspection, to investigate the workflow safety management and operation specifications of oil filling and unloading; checked the overall safety management files of Diantan Road Gas Station, investigated the environment of oil depot, tank area, pump rooms and other equipment and facilities, and visited the “bank-like” service hall of the oil depot and the newly upgraded digital monitoring equipment. Mr. Zhong Ren stressed that, Longde Oil Depot is a major hazard source, we should strictly implement the local safety responsibility, manage well the equipment and facilities, keep a close eye on the front line and the site, attach great importance to it, fulfill our responsibilities effectively, and focus on the safety production in winter, especially at the end of the year and the beginning of next year.

At the headquarters of Sinochem Oil Heilongjiang Co., Ltd., the delegation led by Mr. Zhong Ren listened to the work report on HSE management carefully, and gave detailed instructions on building HSE leadership capacity, institutional system, innovative supervision system and training system, HSE rewards and punishments management, supplier management and rectification of hidden dangers under the supervision of the group, and other issues carried out by Sinochem Oil Heilongjiang Co., Ltd. in recent years. He pointed out that the probability of accidents will be reduced if we pay more attention to safety production. Many measures adopted by Sinochem Oil Heilongjiang Co., Ltd. in production, operation and safety management are worth promoting. In the face of the group’s special inspection on safety management work, we must take it seriously and rectify in accordance with the relevant standards.


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