Mr. Frank Ning Led a Delegation to Visit the Subordinate Enterprises of Sinochem Energy in Liaoning Province for Field Investigation

Source:Sinochem Liaoning Co., Ltd.     Author:     Date:2019-07-02     

On July 1, 2019, the delegation led by Chairman of Sinochem Group Mr. Frank Ning, Vice President of Sinochem Group and President of Sinochem Energy Mr. Jiang Zhenghong, and Vice President of Sinochem Group Mr. Yang Shihao visited Sinochem Liaoning Co., Ltd for field investigation, listened to the overall work reports of Sinochem Liaoning Co., Ltd and Sinochem Oil Liaoning Co., Ltd, visited and sent greetings to the frontline employees. The delegation was accompanied by Vice President of Sinochem Energy Zeng Xiaoyu and others during the visit.

Mr. Frank Ning spoke highly of the business operation and development of the subordinate enterprises of Sinochem Energy in Liaoning Province and the spiritual outlook of its employees, and extended thanks to the employees for their hard work. He hoped that Sinochem Liaoning Co., Ltd will set the goal of becoming a growth-oriented logistics enterprise in the future, turn its own professional logistics management ability into a core technical advantage, change its business model, and be able to provide one-stop logistics and big data information application services. Mr. Frank Ning praised the franchise station development mode of Sinochem Oil Liaoning Co., Ltd. He instructed that the work of the franchise station should focus on establishing a new network system, building a new business model and optimizing management methods, so as to form a scientific management mode with independent intellectual property; carry out internal reform, establish a team incentive mode, “remove the common problems of state-owned enterprises”, and enhance the added value of brand through market-oriented management.

Mr. Jiang Zhenghong stressed that Sinochem Liaoning Co., Ltd has made good achievements in logistics transformation over the past five years, but still has a long-term, arduous task to perform in many aspects, such as the integration of internal and external logistics resources, third-party business development, etc. Sinochem Liaoning Co., Ltd should open up access to new business ideas, and improve the comprehensive ability of logistics distribution through business model innovation and institutional mechanism innovation. In view of the innovation and breakthroughs made in the promotion of asset-light business of Sinochem Oil Liaoning Co., Ltd, Mr. Jiang Zhenghong proposed that asset-light business model should become a common mode, and the nationwide networking should be accelerated, and the interface between sister companies should be set up to jointly promote the asset-light strategy.

In the office area of Sinochem Liaoning Co., Ltd, Mr. Frank Ning had a cordial conversation with the company’s employees, asked about their work and life, and took photos with them.


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