Sinochem Energy Held a Photo Exhibition to Celebrate the 70th Founding Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China

Source:Sinochem Energy     Author:     Date:2019-08-12     

From August 5 to 12, 2019, Sinochem Energy held the “Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China & Memory Collection of Sinochem Energy” Photo Exhibition at Chemsunny World Trade Center. Themed on “Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind; In Science We Trust, Let’s Start a New Journey”, this exhibition reviewed and showed the business development of Sinochem Energy in the past 70 years. On August 12, Li Qing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of Sinochem Group, and leaders of Sinochem Energy visited the exhibition.

The exhibition is divided into four units, including “breaking the blockade, supporting the construction and strengthening the foundation”, “stabilizing trade, expanding business and promoting transformation”, “accelerating transformation, improving the chain and promoting the development of the industry” and “adhering to In Science We Trust and the Unity of Knowledge and Action to create a brighter future”, which fully interpret the four development stages of Sinochem Energy in nearly 70 years accompanied by the growth of China. Sinochem Energy has been engaged in oil trade-related business since the 1950s, and then gradually transformed from trade to industry, and expanded its business to upstream and downstream industries such as exploration and production, oil refining, warehousing and logistics, oil sales, etc. Sinochem Energy has participated in and witnessed the development of China’s energy industry, from specializing in oil trade to making contributions to national strategic oil reserves, from mastering oil and gas resources to serving energy consumers, from engaging in oil storage to building a first-class refining and chemical base.

The exhibition attracted many visitors for several days in a row. Visitors expressed that these pictures and texts enable them to understand and experience the development history of Sinochem Energy and the spirit of hard work.


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