Mr. Jiang Zhenghong Visited Inner Mongolia to Carry Out Poverty Alleviation Survey and Charity Donation Activities

Source:CPC Affairs Department     Author:     Date:2019-08-22     

On August 21, 2019, Mr. Jiang Zhenghong, Member of the Party Group and Vice President of Sinochem Group, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Sinochem Energy, visited Ar Horqin Banner, Inner Mongolia to carry out poverty alleviation survey and charity donation activities. During the survey, he was accompanied by Han Bing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Sinochem Energy, Mao Shibo, Secretary of the Youth League Committee and Head of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Sinochem Group, and other leaders of Sinochem Group who are in charge of poverty alleviation and providing assistance for Inner Mongolia.

On the morning, accompanied by Xin Huadong, Member of the Standing Committee of Chifeng Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Chifeng City, Meng Xiaobing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Ar Horqin Banner and Head of Ar Horqin Banner Government, and other related personnel, Mr. Jiang Zhenghong and his delegation visited Xinping Village in Tianshan Town, which is a designated poverty alleviation village of Sinochem Group, to carry out a survey. They listened to the report of Li Ming, who is the poverty alleviation cadre selected by Sinochem Energy and the Major Secretary of Xinping Village, on poverty alleviation work, industrial development and Sinochem Energy’s assistance to the village, donated RMB 550,000 to Xinping Village for the local people to implement under-forest breeding projects, and visited the grain processing base which was built with the support of the company. Later, the delegation led by Mr. Jiang Zhenghong visited local poor families to send their greetings, investigated their production and living conditions, and offered them consolation money.

After leaving Xinping Village, the delegation visited Tianshan No.6 High School to have a meeting with the Education Bureau of Ar Horqin Banner and school leaders, and investigated the company’s support work to Tianshan No.6 High School. After the meeting, Li Xiaohua, Deputy Head of Ar Horqin Banner Government, presided over the “Igniting Passion, Building Dreams” donation ceremony of Sinochem Energy. The company donated RMB 600,000 to Tianshan No.6 High School to promote its teaching staff building and campus construction. Mr. Jiang Zhenghong stressed that Sinochem Energy has always paid close attention to poverty alleviation through education, has donated money to students of Tianshan No.6 High School since 2016, and established “Sinochem Energy Class” to carry out targeted poverty alleviation, with the aim of providing practical assistance for the school.

On the afternoon, the delegation held a meeting with Meng Xiaobing and other leaders. Mr. Jiang Zhenghong pointed out that, after investigating the poverty alleviation work in Ar Horqin Banner, they were deeply impressed by the local people’s strong desire for shaking off poverty and their workhorse spirit. In the future, Sinochem Energy will continue to support Ar Horqin Banner and help Ar Horqin Banner achieve the goal of “eliminating poor population, and getting rid of poverty”. On behalf of the Party Committee and Government of Ar Horqin Banner, Deputy Secretary Meng Xiaobing extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Mr. Jiang Zhenghong, and thanked Sinochem Group and Sinochem Energy for selecting excellent cadres and providing economic support for the poverty alleviation work in Ar Horqin Banner. He also stated that Ar Horqin Banner will make good use of the donated funds, give full play to its maximum benefits, realize the rapid development, and widely spread the good reputation of Sinochem in Ar Horqin Banner.

During the survey, the delegation also visited the Boda Franchise Station of Sinochem Oil Liaoning Co., Ltd in Tongliao City and Shaogen Franchise Station in Ar Horqin Banner, and had a cordial conversation with the owners and frontline employees.



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