The LETS Release Conference & Petrochemical Logistics Forum 2019 Was Held in Zhejiang Province

Source:Logistic Department     Author:     Date:2019-09-19     

On September 17, The LETS Release Conference & Petrochemical Logistics Forum 2019 was held in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. The LETS (Logistics-E-Terminal By Sinochem) information platform, which was independently developed by the Logistic Department of Sinochem Energy, was officially launched at the conference. More than 200 participants attended the release conference, including Jiang Zhenghong, Vice President of Sinochem Group and President of Sinochem Energy, Cai Zhijun, Director of Bureau of Emergency Management of Zhoushan, Liu Zurong, Executive Director of Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Co., Ltd, Xu Renyan, President of China Zheshang Bank, and other leaders and experts from government departments, financial institutions, news media organizations and relevant industry departments.

At the conference, Mr. Jiang Zhenghong said that “reform” is the spirit and theme of this era. As the leading operator and comprehensive service provider of petroleum and petrochemical industry in China, Sinochem Energy has laid a solid foundation through more than 60 years of oil business accumulation, and gradually formed an integrated industrial pattern that covers the upstream and downstream sectors of petrochemical industry, and been committed to becoming the forerunner in the reform of China’s energy industry. Warehousing business and logistics business are important parts of Sinochem Energy’s petrochemical industry chain, as well as the main force and vanguard of Sinochem Energy’s reform and innovation.

On the afternoon, Sinochem Energy and China Zheshang Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement to further deepen cooperation. Later, China Zheshang Bank, JTF International Holdings Limited, Sinochem Zhuhai Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Oceanland Oil, Sinochem Xingzhong Oil Staging (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd., Sinochem Nantong Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd., Anhui Shuotai, Sinochem Yangzhou Petrochemical Terminal Co. Ltd. and Nantong Huafeng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. signed a tripartite strategic framework cooperation agreement, and reached an agreement on accelerating the intellectualization of the petrochemical industry.


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