General Manager Yang Hua Visited the Gas Station of Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. in Beijing to Inspect Work Safety

Source:Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd.     Author:     Date:2019-09-27     

On September 24, 2019, General Manager Yang Hua visited the gas station of Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. in Beijing to inspect work safety and send greetings to the frontline employees of gas station. Jiang Zhenghong, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Group and President of Sinochem Energy, and Zhang zenggen, Assistant General Manager of Sinochem Group also participated in the inspection.

At the Taiyanggong Gas Station of Total-Sinochem, the delegation led by Mr. Yang Hua carefully inspected the safety situation of the convenience store, the gas station’s vestibule, oil unloading area, oil change center and other areas, and checked the fuel filling equipment and facilities, emergency facilities, video monitoring records, duty shifts, and implementation of various security systems. Mr. Yang Hua paid special attention to the details related to the safety of the gas station, such as the situation around the vestibule of the gas station, the allocation of security personnel during the National Day holiday, the situation of fire-fighting sand pool and fire extinguishers, the storage of sampling tools in the oil sample box, the final storage environment of oil samples and the storage period of video monitoring. He asked relevant teams to adhere to the spirit of being highly responsible for the safety of people’s lives and property, pay great attention to each detail in operation, each facility and equipment, each regional post and each hidden trouble.

Mr. Yang Hua pointed out that, the gas station is a terminal that directly deals with customers and a window for the outside world to understand the business of Sinochem Energy, it is also closely related to the work and life of people around it, so we should pay close attention to safety production, adhere to the principle of “safety comes first”, and strictly control the quality of oil products and production safety. He stressed that Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. and its affiliated enterprises should further implement the main responsibility of safety production, strengthen the tour inspection and inspection of key areas and key processes, and strictly implement the 24-hour emergency duty and hourly inspection system, and all employees must master the emergency handling skills to ensure that there is no risk and provide safe and attentive services for customers.

After the inspection, the delegation led by Mr. Yang Hua had in-depth communication with the employees of the gas station on their work and life, and sent greetings to the frontline employees.


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