The 3rd Circulating Water Plant of Ethylene Project of Sinochem Energy was Completed and Delivered

Source: Ethylene Project Department     Author:Wang Yang     Date:2019-11-20     

On November 18, the 3rd circulating water plant of ethylene project of Sinochem Energy was completed and delivered, providing a necessary precondition for the boiler steaming of the power center and also ensuring the supply of circulating water to the plants such as power center and desalted water station.

The ethylene project of Sinochem Energy includes four new circulating water plants. The 3rd circulating water plant is located at the eastern side of the power center and aims to provide circulating cooling water for the boilers of power center, desalted water stations and some technical plants. The designed capacity of the 3rd circulating water plant is 16,000m3/h. Four steel-reinforced-concrete mechanical draft cooling towers with a capacity of 4,000mm3/h are built. Four circulating water pumps are also built, two with a capacity of 8,000m3/h and two with a capacity of 4,500m3/h. The pump lift is 55 meters. The circulating water pumps are located outdoors and equipped with water quality treatment systems such as side-filtering equipment and dosing device.


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