Mr. Yang Hua Inspected the Enterprises of Sinochem Energy in Fujian

Source:     Author:Xu Ji and Han Ge     Date:2019-12-02     

From November 27 to 28, Mr. Yang Hua, General Manager of Sinochem Group and Chairman of Sinochem Energy, visited the enterprises affiliated with Sinochem Energy in Xiamen and Quanzhou of Fujian Province to inspect their operation and the progress of major projects as well as send greeting to frontline employees. The inspection was also made in the presence of the leaders including Chen Dechun, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Group, Jiang Zhenghong, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Group and President of Sinochem Energy, Zhong Ren, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Group and Vice President of Sinochem Energy, and Zhang Baohong, Secretary of the Board of Sinochem Group and Director of the General Office.

On November 27, Mr. Yang Hua led the delegation to inspect Sinochem Oil Fujian Co. Ltd., visited the emergency command center, staff canteen and training room and also communicated with the frontline employees deeply. Besides recognizing the operation achievements and innovation work of the company, he also put forward the “six points” about exploring the operation essence and future strategic development, namely adhering to safety development, adhering to market responsibility, adhering to value creation, adhering to global vision, adhering to culture building and adhering to collaborative development.

On November 28, Mr. Yang Hua visited Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and made on-site inspection at the central control room, quality inspection center and the site of ethylene project to inspect the project progress and HSE work. He was briefed about the work of Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Ethylene Project Department and enterprises in the park.

Mr. Yang Hua said that he was deeply impressed by the high morale of the employees on the sites such as the refining production site and the ethylene project construction site. He also paid a high tribute to those entrepreneurs and workers on the frontline. Sinochem Group has always attached much significance and provided full support to the projects in Quanzhou. The teams in Quanzhou should well realize the core value of In Science We Trust for transformation and upgrade, make the best of lean operation and management in the long-term competition and also set a high priority on safety production.

He stressed that great efforts should be made to integrate the enterprises in the park into an industrial cluster with advanced technologies, interconnected layout and competitive strength. The park should pay more attention to the cooperation within the Group and between central enterprises. Considering the Group’s diversification features, the core value of In Science We Trust for transformation and upgrade, Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. should increase the input into technological innovation and pursue innovation based on actual conditions and industrial development rules.

On the afternoon of the day, Mr. Yang Hua attended the 11th Conference of Ethylene Project Management Committee in 2019. The conference was concerned with the progress of the ethylene project, the focus of work in November and work plan in December. He required that great emphasis should be placed on safety, quality and progress at the closing stage of the ethylene project.

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