Journal: A Sinochem Staff in Huoshenshan Hospital for 3 Days     Author:     Date:2020-02-03     

A staff of Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. reproduced his working scenario at the interval of his busy delivery of oil to the construction site. He also witnessed the pooling of efforts against the COVID-19.

The journal was authored by Wu Yongqiang, 24 years old, born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. He joined Sinochem Oil Hubei affiliated with Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinochem Group, after graduation in July 2019, and has worked at Wuhan Junshan Gas Station since September.

January 30, Sixth Day of the Lunar Calendar

When I arrived the gas station this morning, I heard the incredible news: we are going to deliver oil to the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital.

We have shifted at the gas station since Wuhan was locked down. The other day, a vehicle from the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital came to the station for refueling. I was eager to know the progress from the driver, but given the requirement of keeping a safe distance from customers, I refrained.

We hope that the hospital will be built sooner so that more patients can be sent to and treated.

The news is inspiring and I want to join!

Accountant Wang Sha was busy coordinating the production of banners to facilitate “barrier passing” and Manager Song Yu was negotiating with the depot on tankers. They said I was young and lack of sufficient work experience, unable to handle emergencies.

I have been learning with veteran staff and Manager Chen (Mr. Chen Heping, Manager of Wuhan Junshan Gas Station). I am skilled at refueling, unloading, and safety. Further, Manager Chen will go with me, so there’s nothing to worry.

Out of my incitation, the manager expressed his real concern. There are many people and affairs, the risk is high. I am from Jiangsu, in case of a danger, they could not give an account for my family. It provoked me. I am a probationary party member. I am needed now. I have to go.

Usually, I am less talkative, not like them, always in a loud voice. So I did like that and it worked. The manager agreed!

Upon intense preparations, at 1:00 p.m., we left the station with a tanker full of 10,000 liters of diesel, heading for the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital 24 kilometers away.

The husband of another staff Zhu Yinhuan drove his car to lead the way for tanker.

There were many construction and staff vehicles. In three hours, we passed two barriers after Manager Feng Hailiang showed the pass and communicated with the barrier staff.

At 4:30 p.m., we finally arrived.

We drove quite slowly after entering the section nearby because there were many construction vehicles. Manager Feng Hailiang, Wang Sha and I got off towards the construction site of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., and after a short talk with the head, our tanker was allowed to enter.

The intense refueling began immediately, and we mainly supplied oil to the generators for main equipment.

Our shoes and clothes were covered with mud due to the muddy ground, but I was still excited.

With the roaring machinery, at 7:00 p.m., the day’s oil supply ended.

We got back and ate dried noodles with others. It was when I felt hungry. I barely remembered my lunch, a bit of a cookie or so. I was just thinking about rushing to the site.

I think tomorrow will be a busy day, too.

January 29, Fifth Day of the Lunar Calendar

In the morning, the weather was fine and the sky was blue. The gas station was quiet, so did its surroundings.

I was in a bit of a trance. Everything was almost the same as usual.

Manager Chen called me, saying that he would arrive soon and we would depart soon.

Yes, the COVID-19 is severe. We were going to the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital.

He brought me hot dry noodles from home and asked me to eat quickly.

On our way, Manager Chen explained the main work today. Wuhan Construction had called him and we would refuel their generators.

Like yesterday, the site was filled with construction vehicles. We waited on the outskirts for over two hours before entry.

We spent around two hours on refueling two generators of Wuhan Construction.

While refueling, I was silently watching the nozzle line connecting the tanker truck to the generator.

Manager Chen saw that I was dazed and tapped me on the shoulder, “Stay focused, I am not bringing you here for a daze”.

I looked up and saw that Manager Chen was smiling. I smiled as well.

Then we refueled the concrete pouring trucks, concrete pump trucks, excavators, etc. of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

I talked with a driver from Bengbu, Anhui Province.

He said everyone is afraid under such situation, but someone must stand out.

I commiserated his tiredness and wanted to encourage him, but I just couldn’t.

With the first day’s experience, today’s refueling was smoother. But when we got back to the gas station, it was already 8:00.

Manager Chen reminded me of changing clothes for disinfection, throwing away the mask after disposal, and bathing carefully.

Today, I was less excited, less annoyed, and a little bit clamed.

January 30, Sixth Day of the Lunar Calendar

Like yesterday, early in the morning, Manager Chen was notified by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Construction. We went to Huoshenshan Hospital again.

Before departure, Manager Chen got on and off the trunk, exhorting the on-duty staff Zhu Yinhuan and Qu Mei to be well-protected, be careful, disinfect, wear a mask, ventilate, less talk to customers”.

Manager Chen is always nagging though he is young. Qu Mei repeatedly said, “Ok, ok, we know that”.

I watched, listened, and laughed out loud in the tanker.

Manager Chen glared at me and laughed, I am for your good!

On our way, Manager Chen spoke little, so did I.

Today, although the site was still congested, delightfully, oil transporting vehicles were released directly. We went into the site smoothly.

Mud was everywhere in the construction site. I forgot to bring my rain boots, and mud was all over my shoes and pants.

Today was full of problems. Construction vehicles were trapped in mud and congested the road. The tanker slipped and could not drive out of the construction site.

But finally, we filled up the cranes of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. and the generators and cranes of Wuhan Construction.

Due to refueling needs, we switched multiple zones over the last few days.

When we went to Huoshenshan Hospital the day before yesterday, constructors hadn’t even started pouring concrete floors, but today they were hoisting on the floors.

That’s Chinese speed.

There are many vehicles on the construction site, but in some areas, construction materials cannot be transported by vehicle, and many workers carry them on their shoulders or by cranes. You can always find more solutions than problems.

When I returned to the gas station in the evening, I called a video phone with my father. I had not called him these days in case that they would worry about me, just sending a safety voice on WeChat before going to bed.

His worried look appeared. I could not help but tell him I’d been refueling in Huoshenshan Hospital these days, but well-protected.

My father was clearly panicked and his eyes were wet, “Why choosing a university in Hubei? Why staying in Wuhan?” I just looked at him and giggled.

After the video call, I received the calls from my relatives. They told me to be well-protected.

Looking back on the past three days, I did nothing special, similar to refueling at the station, just in another place, like a dream.

I hope that the COVID-19 will pass sooner, so that we can go back to normal life.

Go for it, Huoshenshan Hospital! Go for it, Wuhan! Go for it, China!


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