[China’s SOEs on Novel Coronavirus Battlefield?] Four National Oil Companies Go All-Out for the COVID-19 Prevention and Control

Source: News Center     Author:     Date:2020-02-04     

[Leaderette] Recently, the COVID-19 outbroke in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and other regions. For the purposes of thoroughly implementing the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and carrying out as required by the instructions of Premier Li Keqiang and deployed by the executive meeting of the State council, on January 22, the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) issued an urgent notice, calling for all central enterprises on taking active actions and sparing no effort to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic. SASAC has also launched the series coverage of “China’s SOEs on Novel Coronavirus Battlefield” on its website to follow up the efforts of central SOEs in fighting against the COVID-19. Oil and gas supply concerns the national economy and people’s livelihood, especially in the critical period of the COVID-19 prevention and control. These days saw the efforts of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec), China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), and Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Group). While arranging the COVID-19 prevention and control, the four central SOEs have been ensuring supply for the public and the COVID-19 prevention and control to help win this tough campaign. As of February 4, their 50,000+ gas stations nationwide are open normally, 2,658 of which in Hubei are open for 24 hours a day to fully guarantee oil and gas supply. CNPC: 20,000+ gas stations nationwide are open normally, 788 of which in Hubei are open for 24 hours a day with 4,000+ workers to guarantee supply. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, CNPC has been mobilizing resources for ramping up production to ensure stable, adequate and orderly supply of oil and gas across China, especially in Hubei Province. From January 24 to February 4, CNPC’s 20,000+ gas stations nationwide opened normally and 2.6 million tons of product oil was put on the market. In January, CNPC supplied around 540 million cubic meters of national gas per day, with 17.50 million cubic meters for Hubei, sufficient to meet the national gas demand.

During the pandemic, 4,000+ workers of CNPC Hubei Sales Branch at 788 gas stations have been busy ensuring continuous oil and gas supply. CNPC Hubei Sales Branch Wuhan Sub-branch, in the core COVID-19-stricken area, was in busy supply for 24 hours a day. CNPC Hubei Sales Branch also timely released updates via its WeChat official account and local radio stations to stabilize the oil and gas market in Wuhan. CNPC West-East Gas Pipeline Corporation Wuhan Administration Office is responsible for 75% of Wuhan’s natural gas supply and 10 natural gas pipelines stretching 2,030 km, including the West-East Gas Pipeline II and Zhongwu Pipeline. So far, the stations and equipment have been running normally.

Sinopec: 30,000+ gas stations and 20,000+ convenience stores nationwide are open normally; 11,000 workers at 1,800+ gas stations in Hubei were busy guaranteeing supply

Sinopec has been ensuing oil supply to maximally satisfy oil and gas demand while effectively preventing and controlling the COVID-19. Its 30,000+ gas stations and 20,000+ convenience stores are open normally to ensure continuous supply and services without an increase in prices. During January 24-31, Sinopec gas stations supplied 1.211 million tons of product oil nationwide.

During the COVID-19, gas stations of Sinopec Hubei Branch supplied for Hubei around 50,000 tons of oil, 6,000 tons of which were for Wuhan. As of February 4, 1,800+ gas stations with nearly 11,000 workers in Hubei are open normally. Sinopec Sichuan Gas East Gas Pipeline transmitted 5 million cubic meters of natural gas per day to Hubei to powerfully safeguard the stable supply of natural gas. On February 3, Zhiyin Avenue gas station officially became a designated gas station to ensure supply for Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan. It has reserved 40 tons of diesel oil, 20 tons of 92# gasoline, 20 tons of 95# gasoline and lubricants, sufficient to ensure the oil supply of 1,200+ emergency vehicles.

CNOOC: 512 million cubic meters of natural gas to seven provinces and municipalities, Hong Kong, and Macao, and nearly 3,800 tons of product oil to Hubei during the Spring Festival

CNOOC has been sparing no effort to ensure domestic oil and gas supply while effectively preventing and controlling the COVID-19. 870 CNOOC gas stations are open normally to ensure supply. In terms of sea gas and unconventional natural gas, many entities affiliated with CNOOC, such as Bohai Oil Field, Eastern South China Sea Oil Field, Western South China Sea Oil Field and Zhonglian Company, are fully committed to ensuring the stability of domestic natural gas supply. Since January 21, 512 million cubic meters of gas have been provided to Hainan, Guangdong, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hong Kong, and Macao to satisfy normal demand of over 20 million citizens for three months.

CNOOC Gas & Power Group Ltd. supplies LNG to Hubei by tank trucks and pipeline gas by gas transfer. As of February 4, it has supplied 14.29 million cubic meters of natural gas to Hubei. In the field of oil guarantee, 43 gas stations of CNOOC Huadong Sales Co., Ltd. Hubei Branch are open for 24 hours per day to ensure timely supply of oil and during January 20-31, it supplied nearly 3,800 tons of product oil to Hubei.

Sinochem Group: 1,400+ gas stations nationwide are open to supply gas, with 27 of which supplying 190 tons to Hubei

Sinochem Group has been ensuring oil supply while effectively preventing and controlling the COVID-19. Its 1,400+ gas stations with 13,000+ workers are open around the clock to ensure supply. From January 24 to February 2, oil sales companies affiliated with Sinochem Group supplied 70,000 tons of product oil nationwide.

During the Spring Festival, over 270 workers of Sinochem Group Hubei Oil Company at 27 first-line gas stations supplied 190 tons of oil, opening a green channel for vehicles transporting pandemic prevention and control supplies and construction vehicles, official vehicles for the pandemic prevention and control. It has ensured the normal supply of gas stations. At the same time, Sinochem Group Hubei Oil Company and local authorities have strengthened communication and timely released the COVID-19 prevention and control information to stabilize the oil market. (SASAC News, Wang Li and Zhao Yihan)


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