Sinochem Group: Orderly Resumption of Work to Ensure Oil Supply     Author:     Date:2020-02-15     

Go where there is pandemic, fight it till it perishes. Sinochem Group SBU of Energy held four thematic sessions to work out solutions to problems in the COVID-19 prevention and control and thus affected production and operations, and arrange for effective prevention and control, safe production, and optimal operations.

As a technology-driven and innovation-fueled petroleum and petrochemical business operator and comprehensive service provider, Sinochem Energy has been organizing scientifically and responding actively to the COVID-19 with multiple measures for oil supply.

Oil supply at stations with no increase in prices

During the Spring Festival, with 13,000+ staffs at 1,400+ gas stations and 70+ oil depots, Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. performed its responsibility as a central SOE in ensuring safe and due oil supply while effectively preventing and controlling the COVID-19! From January 24 to February 12, it supplied 30,000 tons of product oil nationwide.

Mr. Zhang Chi, Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. introduced that 270+ staffs at 27 gas stations have been working to ensure normal supply, assist official vehicles for the COVID-19 prevention and control, and provide customers with preventive TCM and disinfectants for free. Its gas stations in Hubei have also opened a green channel for vehicles transporting pandemic prevention and control supplies and construction vehicles. From January 28, 10,000 liters of oil were sent to the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital to refuel various vehicles, generators, construction equipment, helping boost the Chinese speed.

Sinochem Oil Hubei Co., Ltd. has strengthened communications with local authorities and timely released news about the COVID-19 prevention and control to stabilize the local oil market. Ten of its gas stations distributed a certain number of masks free of charge to customers. News about COVID-19 prevention and control has been released every day by broadcasts, videos, posters, etc.

Hardcore management: Safe and stable production

Upon scientific research and judgment and active organization, Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical has reduced and optimized the processing load according to the market supply and demand and the principle of benefit optimization. It has also taken hardcore management measures to ensure safe and stable production. From January 24 to February 13, Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical produced 94,000 tons of gasoline, 140,000 tons of kerosene, 185,000 tons of diesel fuel, and 47,000 tons of LPG. In terms of equipment management, Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical has reasonably optimized and adjusted the load and efficiently organized change-outs and overhauls; in terms of resumption arrangement, it has actively communicated and coordinated with the government and the transportation department and arranged resumption by steps on the premise of effective prevention and control, delayed the departure of the first rail freight train, and provided living materials for staff on tankers at ports; in terms of logistics support, it has offered safety and care to staffs in the production line through strict management and careful protection of all links of shuttle buses, canteens, plants, etc.

Ongoing logistics

Upon scientific deployment, Sinochem Energy SBU of Logistics has been keeping up with customer needs. With the steady resumption of work, production and operations have been managed to be well balanced with scientific prevention and control of the COVID-19. From February 1 to February 13, warehousing enterprises under Sinochem Energy SBU of Logistics yielded a throughput of 1,473,000 tons and warehousing quantity of 3,434,000 tons, an increase of 141% and 27.3% compared with the Spring Festival period, respectively, both at a high level, while the tank occupancy remained at the striking 96.9%.

Given the specificity of the logistics industry, during the COVID-19, Sinochem Energy SBU of Logistics has strengthened the first-line on-duty system for Party members and cadres, measured body temperature of outside personnel, and conducted checks of incoming crew in vessel declaration to ensure continued safety management, logistics support, and production and operations.

Online platforms to help the resumption of petrochemical companies

For the troubles brought by the COVID-19 to chemical plants, production enterprises, industrial parks, and carriers, during the pandemic, Sinochem Energy High-Tech’s intelligent supply chain team has quickly opened free of charge the “vehicle reservation queuing system”, via which plants can reserve for loading and unloading period online, while drivers are allowed for online query of the delivery plan, queue time reservation, access to relevant announcements to avoid gathering and reduce human-to-human contact.

With the resumption climax of petrochemical enterprises, the cross-regional flow of population and vehicles has brought new challenges to the COVID-19 prevention and control. Sinochem Energy High-Tech’s intelligent supply chain team has urgently developed the function of “vehicle query in the affected area” for petrochemical production, warehousing, and transportation enterprises to query whether the vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals have been to the affected area within 30 days, helping their safe resumption under effective prevention and control in advance.

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