Sinochem Quanzhou Park Development Co., Ltd.

Sinochem Quanhui Petrochemical Park,covering 33.8 square kilometers, is located on the south bank of Meizhou Bay, Quanzhou, Fujian Province. It is a significant component of Meizhou Bay petrochemical base as well as a critical carrier of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone petrochemical industry.  It has been receiving strong support from Fujian Provincial Government.

Quanhui Petrochemical Park, which plans to become the petrochemical industry cluster of Sinochem energy , is strongly supported by Sinochem Group as well.

Sinochem Quanhui Petrochemical Park is located in a well-developed coastal area in Fujian Province between Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, the two most developed economic zones in China.

The Project is located in the area of Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, an area with the greatest growth potential in China, where  petrochemical, textile, machine, electronics and new material industries are highly competitive.

Zhang Wei, President of Sinochem Group, and Kang Tao, mayor of Quanzhou, signed the Framework Agreement for the Development and Construction of Quanhui Petrochemical park. The agreement, in line with the principle of “government should provide support, enterprise should be the major actor, market should serve as a push, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation should be realized”, decides to build an exclusive Sinochem petrochemical park characterized with top level and strong competitiveness in the industry. On Nov. 6th, 2017, Sinochem Quanzhou Park Development Co., Ltd was founded officially, with an aim of realizing the integration for introduced projects , providing public utilities, infrastructure, and platforms for industry and integration services, so as to effectively reduce enterprise management cost in the park.

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