Sinochem Energy High-Tech Co., Ltd.

Sinochem Energy High-Tech Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Energy High-Tech for short) is an internet technology company under the Sinochem Energy Group of the Sinochem Group. In August 2017, Sinochem Energy Internet Team, the predecessor of Sinochem Energy High-Tech, was established as a pioneer in internet-oriented transformation of the energy industry. In February 2018, Sinochem Energy High-Tech was established. Currently, the company has three business groups, i.e., the BBC Group, the Supply Chain Group, and the New Business Group. Sinochem Energy High-Tech is supported by cutting edge technologies including AI(Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, IoT(Internet of Things), Cloud Computing and Big Data, the company has set out to develop itself into an “Energy + Technology” company committed to promoting in-depth integration of internet technology and the petrochemical industry, becoming a leading smart operator in the petrochemical industry.

In the 3 years to come, Sinochem Energy High-Tech will focus on redefining the operating model of the petrochemical industry, establishing digital service infrastructure that covers the full value chain of petrochemical industry, and becoming a leader of smart solutions and service provider in the industry.

Supply Chain Business Group:




BBC Business Group :


Yi Platform



New Business Group :

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