Ms. ZHANG Airong, born in February 1967, Chinese nationality, no long-term residence permit of foreign countries, EMBA at Xiamen University, Senior Accountant. She once worked as Head of the Funds Section under Funds Division and Manager of the Overseas Finance Division at the Accounting Department of China National Chemicals Import & Export Corporation; Finance Manager of SINOCHEM International Oil (London) Co., Ltd; Vice General Manager of Finance Department of SINOFERT Co., Ltd; Vice General Manager of Fiance Department of SINOCHEM Oil Co., Ltd; Vice General Manager of Capital Management Department of SINOCHEM Group Corporation; CFO of SINOCHEM Oil Co., Ltd. Ms. ZHANG is now Party committee Member, Executive Director and CFO of our company; Supervisor of SINOCHEM Petroleum Exploration and Production Co., Ltd; Supervisor of SINOCHEM Oil Marketing Co., Ltd; Director of SINOCHEM Energy Hong Kong Co., Ltd; Director of Beijing Huachengxin Global Investment Co., Ltd; Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SINOPEC-SINOCHEM Oil Products Sales Co., Ltd.

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