Sinochem Energy established International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Technology Innovation Center

Source:     Author:     Date:2018-10-24     

On October 23, Sinochem International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center held an unveiling ceremony in Ruyi, Jiangsu. Li Wei, vice president of Sinochem Energy, and He Yijun, deputy secretary of Jiangsu Rugao Municipal Committee and mayor, jointly attended and unveiled the Science and Technology Center. Sinochem International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as Hydrogen Science and Technology Innovation Center) is a scientific and technological innovation initiated by Sinochem Energy Co., Ltd., which is a leading research institute at home and abroad to carry out research and development of key technologies in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. platform. With the goal of improving the localization level of fuel cell stacks and core components, building hydrogen energy and fuel cell independent research and development capabilities and core competitiveness, the establishment of Hydrogen Energy Innovation Center marks Sinochem's fuel cell and its core zero. The field of components has been explored.


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