Sinochem Energy Launched the High-quality ULTRA-POWER Fuel

Source:Sinochem Oil Sales Co., Ltd.     Author:     Date:2018-12-20     

On December 19, 2018, Sinochem Oil Sales Co., Ltd. held the High-quality ULTRA-POWER Fuel Launching Ceremony in Changsha City, Hunan Province. Mr. Zeng Xiaoyu, Vice President of Sinochem Energy and General Manager of Sinochem Oil Sales Co., Ltd., other leaders of the company, all the members of Dingzi Oil Terminal and representatives of refueling stations attended and witnessed the ceremony.

In his speech, Mr. Lan Hai, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Oil Sales Co., Ltd., said that the successful implementation of the high-quality fuel project is indispensable from the vigorous support of leaders of Sinochem Energy, the coordination and cooperation of three friendship companies, which are the Sinochem Oil Sales Co., Ltd., Sinochem Quanzhou Energy Technology Co., LTD, and Beijing Petroleum Chemical Products Development & Supply Co., Ltd, as well as the joint efforts functional departments and pilot units of Sinochem Oil Sales Co., Ltd., and it fully reflects our efforts and strong determination to implement the concept of “In Science We Trust and the Unity of Knowledge and Action”.

Mr. Zeng Xiaoyu and other leaders sprayed golden quicksand together to unveil the plaque of High-quality ULTRA-POWER Fuel.

In order to implement the group’s concept of “In Science We Trust”, Sinochem Oil Sales Co., Ltd. actively promoted technology innovation, launched the “Sinochem High-quality ULTRA-POWER Fuel Project” at the beginning of this year, developed and promoted the high-quality ULTRA-POWER fuel to accelerate the upgrading of Sinochem oil products completely, established brand characteristics, and increased market competitiveness with differentiated oil products.

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