Six Subordinate Warehouse Enterprises of Sinochem Energy Joined Canghaibang Platform

Source:Sinochem Energy High-Tech Co., Ltd.     Author:     Date:2018-09-11     

On September 11, 2018, the launching conference of Canghaibang Platform was held in the storage area of Sinochem Xingzhong. Six subordinate warehouse enterprises of the Logistic Department of Sinochem Energy and more than 100 clients joined Canghaibang Platform, which completely integrate the warehousing business data of these companies.

Nowadays with the explosive development of information technologies, such as the mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and new generation of artificial intelligence, dramatic changes have taken place in the marketing mode and management & control methods of warehousing enterprises. This also provides rare opportunities for warehouse enterprises to deeply participate in the collaborative optimization of intelligent supply chain and obtain incremental revenue.

At the launching conference, Mr. Xu Yexin, General Manager of Sinochem Xingzhong, Mr. Liu Jianfeng, Assistant General Manager of Sinochem Xingzhong, backbones of Business Department and other relevant personnel, and the Canghaibang Platform Project Team had an in-depth discussion on the deep linkage of Sinochem Energy High-Tech’s Intelligent Supply Chain, how to optimize the functions of Canghaibang platform according to business needs, and how to promote the services of Canghaibang platform to warehousing clients.

Mr. Xu Yexin pointed out that, Sinochem Xingzhong has been exploring the “visualized intelligent supply chain”, and been committed to helping users realize the visualization of operation status and control system through information and platform services, so as to improve management efficiency. In this sense, the “online inquiry” and “self-serve pick-up” functions of Canghaibang Platform are very helpful to our users, and we hope that Canghaibang Platform could bring new and efficient service experience to warehousing clients.

Mr. Liu Jianfeng said that the “online inquiry” function of Canghaibang Platform still needs to be optimized, especially in terms of data display, further consideration should be given to clients’ inquiry habits. Sinochem Xingzhong will provide a sample of the current inventory report as a reference for the Canghaibang Platform Project Team. Both parties should make joint efforts to create the best platform services for clients.

Since the implementation of “platform-based business”, 101 clients in the six subordinate warehouse areas of Logistic Department of Sinochem Energy have joined Canghaibang Platform, realized “online inquiry”, “self-serve pick-up” and other operations on the platform, and had completed more than 100 orders through the “self-serve pick-up” function.

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