Outside Directors of Sinochem Group Visited Sinochem Oil (Guangdong) and Sinochem Zhuhai for Field Investigation

Source:Sinochem Oil Sales Co., Ltd.     Author:     Date:2019-03-07     

From March 4 to 6, 2019, the delegation led by two outside directors of Sinochem Group Li Jinfeng and Wei Weifeng and worker’s director Ren Bing went to Guangdong Province to investigate some subordinate companies in Guangdong Province. During the period, they visited Sinochem Oil (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. and Sinochem Zhuhai Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd successively to investigate the development status of energy business. During the investigation, the delegation was accompanied by Zhang Baohong, Secretary of the board of directors and Director of the General Office of Sinochem Group, and other leaders.

On March 4, 2019, the delegation listened to the reports of seven subordinate companies including Sinochem Oil (Guangdong), etc., got a better understanding of the business status and development plans of the companies, and had a discussion and exchange with the worker representatives of each company. Zhang Han, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Sinochem Oil (Guangdong), delivered a report on the overall work of Sinochem Oil (Guangdong). The outside directors inquired the company’s gas station network construction, new area expansion, grass-roots Party building, corporate culture construction, safety production and other key issues. Director Li Jinfeng said that Sinochem Oil (Guangdong) should always take ideological and political work as the leverage, and combine with the actual situation of the company’s Party committee and the grass-roots Party group while implementing the instructions of the Group’s leading Party group on the grass-roots Party building work, so as to create featured Party building projects; focus on safety issues, take safety production as the bottom line of work, and carry out business work in accordance with the principle of “safety can never be trivial”; give full play to the potential of each business sector of each company, play the synergy and linkage effect with other subordinate companies of Sinochem Group in Guangdong Province, make concerted efforts to build Sinochem’s brand advantages, and strive to make more achievements.

On March 5, 2019, the delegation visited the frontline workers at Jinyue Gas Station of Sinochem Petroleum in Foshan City, investigated the non-oil sales performance of Sinochem Energy, observed and experienced the “Pay-by-License Plate Recognition” (hereinafter referred to as “Pay-by-License Plate”) which is independently developed by Sinochem Energy High-Tech, and they praised this efficient and convenient intelligent refueling mode “without getting off the vehicle or manual operation”.

On March 6, 2019, the delegation came to Zhuhai City, visited Sinochem Zhuhai Tieluwan Petrochemical Warehouse Zone and Nanjingwan Terminal, and held talks with representatives of Sinochem Energy High-Tech, Sinochem Zhuhai, and internal and external clients. Vice President of Sinochem Energy Hu Bin reported the strategic positioning and development trend of Sinochem Energy High-Tech in the process of digital transformation of petrochemical industry, and introduced the company’s main products such as “xhjiayou”, “Canghaibang”, “Chuanyunbang” and “Liuliukuaiche”. After communicating with clients, the directors hoped that Sinochem Energy High-Tech would always adhere to its original aspiration of promoting reform through technology, solve the pain points in the industrial chain through hard work, careful thinking and exploration, constantly improve product functions, and continue to promote the deep integration of network technology and petrochemical industry.


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