Sinochem Energy Participated in the 18th China International Chemical Industry Fair

Source:Sinochem Energy     Author:     Date:2019-09-24     

The 18th China International Chemical Industry Fair (abbr. ICIF China 2019), sponsored by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, was held in Shanghai from September 18-20, 2019. Sinochem Energy participated in the exhibition and was awarded the “Advanced Collective of Organizational Work”.

The exhibition space of Sinochem Energy covers an area of 288 m2, which displays the achievements made by all affiliated enterprises of Sinochem Energy in refining and chemical production and operation, safety and environmental protection and management, petrochemical park construction, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales, network platform construction, etc.

On the morning of September 18, 2019, Li Shousheng, Chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and Zhao Jungui, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, visited the exhibition, and they were accompanied by General Manager Li Bo and Deputy General Manager Guo Hui of Sinochem Petrochemical Distribution Co., Ltd. during the visit. Mr. Li Shousheng pointed out that Sinochem Energy represents the advanced production capacity of domestic refining and chemical industry and should play a good role in the future cooperation on informatization and industrialization.

During the exhibition, Sun Liming, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Energy High-Tech Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech entitled “How to Use Network Technology to Improve the Safety Supervision and Efficiency of Petrochemical Industry”, and introduced the construction status of Sinochem Energy intelligent supply chain in details.


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