President Li Fanrong of Sinochem Holdings Visits Quanzhou and Meets with Key City Leaders

Source:     Author:     Date:2022-06-30     

From June 29 to 30, Li Fanrong, President and Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Group of Sinochem Holdings, Chairman of Sinochem Energy, and Zhong Ren, Vice President and member of the Leading Party Group of Sinochem Holdings, General Manager and Party Secretary of Sinochem Energy, visited Quanzhou in Fujian to inspect the safety production of Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Sinopec Oil Fujian Co., Ltd., and to meet with the main leaders of Quanzhou. This visit was conducted in an effort to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's key guidelines for production safety, abide by the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Management and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on production safety, further improve production safety, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises. Zhang Qiang and Zeng Xiaoyu, Deputy General Managers of Sinochem Energy and members of the Party Committee, were also in attendance at the meeting.

On June 29, President Li Fanrong and his delegation went to Quanzhou Petrochemical to conduct a safety production inspection and visited front-line cadres and employees. On the morning of June 30, Li Fanrong carefully reviewed the site safety inspection, production and operation inspection, and the work report of Quanzhou Petrochemical. He affirmed the significant progress made by Quanzhou Petrochemical in terms of its personnel structure, safety management, team building, production and operation, major maintenance, and epidemic prevention and control. Finally, he provided suggestions for the enterprise’s future development, based on this safety production inspection and the actual situation of Quanzhou Petrochemical.

On June 30, Li Fanrong and his delegation went to Huizhou Houjian Gas Station, a subsidiary of Fujian Petroleum, to conduct an inspection and investigation. In doing so, they gained a detailed understanding of the investment layout, group reform, oil sales, safety management, and party building of the gas station. During his visit, Li expressed his care to front-line employees who stuck to their posts in the face of high temperatures. He commended the commitment of Fujian Petroleum in working in the Fujian refined oil market over the years and expressed hopes to collaborate with Quanzhou Petrochemical and other chemical units in central Fujian to promote high-quality development and contribute more to local economic development and people's happiness.

On June 29, Li Fanrong, President and Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group of Sinochem Holdings and Chairman of Sinochem Energy, held a meeting with Liu Jianyang, Member of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Cai Zhansheng, Deputy Secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Quanzhou.

Li Fanrong expressed his gratitude to the Municipal Government of Quanzhou for its long-standing support of the enterprises of Sinochem Holdings in Quanzhou. He stated that his visit and inspection allowed him to witness how Quanzhou has been thoroughly implementing a new development concept, strengthening investment in safety and environmental protection, strictly managing the enterprises in Quanhui Park and promoting high-quality development. The city’s efforts have further strengthened the confidence of Sinochem Holdings to invest and operate in Quanzhou. Sinochem Holdings will take the initiative to connect with Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, establish a task force for the development of Quanhui Park, make good use of Quanzhou's “14th Five-Year Plan” for the integration of industry and city with what is referred to as a “dual-wheel drive,” and provide greater contributions to Quanzhou's economic and social development. It is hoped that the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government will continue to care for and support the development of Sinochem and will achieve a win-win between enterprises and local government.

Liu Jianyang expressed sincere gratitude to Sinochem Holdings for its long-standing concern and support for the development of Quanzhou. He stated that the petrochemical industry is one of the leading industries in Quanzhou, and the city attaches great importance to its strategic cooperation with Sinochem Holdings. He hopes that both sides can seize strategic opportunities and improve docking mechanisms, deepen practical cooperation in areas such as strong industrial chain extension and replenishment, green development of Quanhui Petrochemical Park, research, development, and production of new chemical materials, and comprehensive urban development. He also expressed his hope that both Sinochem Holdings and the city can work together to help Quanzhou become a strong force in promoting high-quality development in all aspects.

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