Sinochem Oil Completes Brand Logo Renovation in its Gas Stations in Beijing

Source:     Author:     Date:2022-08-23     

Recently, all gas stations of Sinochem Oil in Beijing have been rebranded. The familiar blue flask officially stepped off the stage of history, and the peony flower representing innovation and harmony can be seen in full bloom throughout the stations.

The brand-new peony flower logo conveys the service concept of "smiles light up life" in a more vivid fashion: The four petals represent the unceasing creation of value for society, customers, shareholders, and employees, while the three clusters of stamens symbolize the unremitting pursuit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and the creation of enterprises and the progressive tone of double blue highlights the company’s freshness, vitality, and technology so that customers can enjoy even more pleasant experiences using products by Sinochem Oil.

Change brings more possibilities. Starting from Beijing, the capital of China, “peonies” will bloom everywhere in Sinochem Oil’s gas stations.

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