A New Clean Choice - Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel Premiered in Zhejiang

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In the morning of September 27, 2019, the Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel Release sponsored by Sinochem Oil Zhejiang Co., Ltd. was held at Sinochem Liuxiang Road Gas Station in Hangzhou. The clean, burn-resistant and powerful Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel made a stunning debut, becoming a focus in the fuel consumption market. The release was witnessed by nearly 100 people, including the General Manager Mr. Zong Xuming, the Vice General Manager Mr. Gao Shuyuan, the Vice General Manager Mr. Ji Jie, the Assistant to General Manager Mr. Zhu Changming, and the Financial Director Ms. Zhang Wei of Sinochem Oil Zhejiang Co., Ltd.; the Vice General Manager Mr. Zhang Penghai of Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd.; several news media; and representatives of vehicle owners.

Launching Ceremony

Mr. Zong Xuming delivered opening remarks and introduced Sinochem Oil’s history in Zhejiang and corporate strength. The sponsor briefed on the high performance and high quality of Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel and announced the first-mover preferential policy. The present got a comprehensive understanding at the release.

Remarks by Mr. Zong Xuming 


Central SOE-backed Quality Oil

Sinochem Oil is affiliated with Sinochem Group, which ranks the 88th in Fortune Global 500, and a gas station brand under Sinochem Energy. Sinochem Oil’s gas stations now cover South China, East China, Central China, North China, and Northeast China.

In response to the national call for promoting clean oil and winning the Blue Sky Protection Campaign, Sinochem Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. developed and released the Ultra-Power Fuel Detergent and supporting Sinochem High-quality Fuel with Sinochem Quanzhou Energy High-tech Co., Ltd. and Beijing Petrochem and Chemical Products Development & Supply Co., Ltd.

Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel has been developed by the technical team led by chief engineering experts of Sinochem Energy after repeated testing and validation. Coupled with Sinochem’s technological strength, the independently and painstakingly developed Ultra-Power Fuel has pooled the efforts and wisdom of Sinochem elites.

Group Photo of Workers at Sinochem Oil Liuxiang Road Gas Station in Hangzhou

Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel, a New Clean Choice

The high-quality Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel, cleaner! More burn-resistant! More powerful! These are advantages of Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel.

Sinochem Oil Liuxiang Road Gas Station in Hangzhou

Ultra-clear: Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel can effectively remove and permanently inhibit carbon deposits, and reduce abrasion to better protecting the vehicles. National standard test results reveal that, with Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel, the fuel nozzle flow loss rate decreased from 4.7% to 0.37%, the weight of inlet valve deposits decreased from 175mg/valve to 5mg/valve, and the total added value of combustion deposits was only 7%, far below the national standard limit of 40%.

Environmental-friendly: Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel can significantly reduce the generation and emission of vehicle pollutants, beneficially improve the environment. It contains lead, iron and manganese up to the national standard, benzene and other prohibited substances far below the national standard upper limits, and the added value of “pre-wash colloid content” of only 18.5mg/100ml, far below the national standard of 30mg/100ml.

Powerful: Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel can effectively reduce abrasion, significantly increase engine power, and enhance acceleration to ensure smooth operation of vehicles. Its high quality also partially comes from a strong and high burning value and great power.

Energy-efficient: Fueling up with Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel can raise fuel efficiency, reduce fuel consumption while lifting power, cut down vehicle cost, escalate vehicle durability, and upgrade your driving experience.

Photo of the Release

Higher quality with no overcharge. Car owners are offered with preferences

Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel offers 92# and 95#, applicable to almost all models. Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel is in the promotion stage, so Sinochem Oil gas stations will provide higher quality with no overcharge to provide car owners with value-added driving experience.

Since its launch in December 2018, Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel has been marketed in Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other regions, quite popular among new and old customers.

In addition, to celebrate the debut of Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel in Zhejiang and in return for the care and support of customers, Sinochem has launched a special fueling promotion. Whoever filling Sinochem Ultra-Power Fuel can participate in the “Ultra-Power Fuel Accumulation Game” for rich gifts.


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