Aoshan Petroleum Base to Promote the Construction of Marine Fuel Oil Supply Center

Source:Zhejiang Online     Author:A Le     Date:2019-12-10     

As an important central bunker of marine fuel oil in East China, Zhoushan Aoshan Petroleum Base has grasped the opportunity of the construction of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the implementation of IMO sulfur limit order next year to expand and strengthen the marine fuel oil refueling business. From January to October this year, the base delivered 2.477 million tons of marine fuel oil, accounting for 78.5% of the city’s total oil supply.

The base is accelerating to promote the pipeline reconstruction. This year, 1,070 meters of low-sulfur pipeline was added, and 2,900 meters will be added next year, by which time 4 million tons of annual capacity can be reached, exceeding the current annual total supply of marine fuel oil. In terms of lifting the low-sulfur storage power, the base’s Dading Petroleum has equipped with a total tankage of 885 thousand cubic meters, and is planning to invest RMB 56.5 million for renovation of low-sulfur tankage of 880 thousand cubic meters by the end of next year, by which time the base’s low-sulfur tankage will exceed 1.7 million cubic meters. Besides, by boosting the intelligent information platform, the base also provides one-stop ship and freight forwarding services, effectively improve the operational efficiency, and ensure the safe and orderly allocation of oil products.

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