Petrochemical Efforts against the COVID-19 by Smart Means

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Petrochemical enterprises have been pooling efforts against the COVID-19 since its outbreak. Chances underpin this crisis. The petrochemical industry has entered a new stage of industrial interconnection. We boast richer Internet tools compared with the SARS period. To help industry practitioners lower the infection risk of the COVID-19 and ensure safe and efficient production and operations, some enterprises have launched smart platforms and tools against this tough battle!

Sinochem Energy High-Tech

Online warehousing + Online visual transportation + Whole-process self-service delivery

A sea-land map at multiple dimensions is provided around the petrochemical supply chain, covering shipping, road transport, and storage.

In the past, customers usually inquired the warehousing and transport status of goods by phone, email, and other means only when vehicle/ship/warehouse staff was on duty. Under the COVID-19, however, many people could not return to work on time.

Sinochem Energy Technology’s intelligent supply chain connects relevant parties in the industry, including online upstream sellers, downstream buyers, warehouses, shipping companies, fleets, commercial inspection agencies, drivers, and port terminals, and gets through the underlying warehousing system for users to query inventory data in real time. It boasts real-time positioning data of national vehicles carrying general cargoes and hazardous chemicals as well as electronic fencing data of national seas and inland rivers and data of hazardous chemicals port terminals to provide the whole-process visual real-time logistics data services, avoiding the untimely customer logistics management inquiries due to the vacancy of personnel in this special period.

With extended holidays, many people are forced to work from home. Family trifles should be well-balanced with efficient and normative warehousing management.

For owners of goods in stock, through the “Remote Order Placing” in Canghaibang of Sinochem Energy Technology’s intelligent supply chain, enterprise legal persons can command for highly safe online order placing and title transfer by CA encryption or face recognition, instead of the original bill of lading placed by WeChat and email, and all operations are effective in real-time, and leave traces.

For warehouse staff, real-time online management of the bill of lading, warehouse production and operations, etc. are allowed by phone or computer whenever and wherever possible to lift the warehousing management by over 70% while effectively reducing personnel contact.

Despite the severe COVID-19 pandemic, in the petrochemical industry, many depots and factories could not suspend production and operations. Shipping and road transport are still under progress.

In addition to reminding customers of being well protected and disinfected, the intelligent supply chain has launched the “Whole-process Self-service Delivery Management System” to enable online management of all delivery links, including the bill of lading, waybill management, filing, vehicle appointment queuing, smart berthing, terminal invoicing machine, terminal weight machine, park gates, and automatic lifting. By doing so, the operation time of vehicles and ships outside the factories, parks, and warehouses can be controlled in an orderly manner to reduce the backlog of vehicles and ships, avoid personnel gathering, and finally help the warehouses, factories, and parks to realize remote office in the planning stage and unattended management mode in the production and operation stage.

Sinochem Agriculture

Online services + Smart agriculture

Sinochem Group is the “national team” of agriculture. In terms of the preparation for spring ploughing under the COVID-19 pandemic, Sinochem Agriculture has planned early, resumed work in advance, and launched quickly to ensure all-out and timely supply, helping the central government stabilize the agricultural base and play the ballast stone role of agriculture, rural areas, and rural residents.

Sinochem Agriculture communicated with CMST Wisdom soon after the COVID-19 outbreak. On February 1, the two parties reached a cooperative alliance agreement to guarantee the logistics transportation of agricultural means of production, especially transporting potash fertilizers and other fertilizer raw materials to Hubei by subsiding 10% of freight fees. The Fertata logistics function in its e-commerce platform Fertex has also been leveraged. Fertata online car service played an important role when auto transport was scarce, transporting 14,000 tons of fertilizers by over 430 vehicles.

In response to the technical needs of farmers for seed selection and fertilizer preparation in preparing for spring ploughing, Sinochem Agriculture has spared no effort to enhance its online service capacity. Communication channels and service methods for farmers have been enriched by agricultural technology personnel with new media such as online live streams and short videos. Up to now, Sinochem Agriculture has organized over 600 online training sessions and order placement fairs, attended by nearly one million farmers. The Differentiated Nitrogen Fertilizer Live was viewed 18,100 times. Nearly 200 videos on the COVID-19 prevention and control, agricultural guidance, etc. have been released, with 132,000 broadcasts in total; 1,242 calls via the hotlines have been received online. During the COVID-19, Sinochem Agriculture MAP (Modern Agricultural Platform) has produced 1.04 million remote sensing images using remote sensing services and provided accurate meteorological cold spell in later spring help farmers understand crop growth, arrange agricultural production in advance, and solve the dilemma of being unable to go out.

Sinochem Agriculture has leveraged its smart agricultural platform to provide farmers with a full range of technical services in agricultural monitoring, accurate agricultural meteorology, agricultural remote sensing, online classroom teaching, etc.

Shenzhen Goult

Positioning tool + Software

We must continue to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic! How to effectively avoid being infected and supervise staff? Shenzhen Goult has launched a positioning tool + software to accurately locate the construction personnel with minimal human cooperation.

Explosion-proof smart card GK-2Ex (L/N) series are intrinsically safe explosion-proof electrical equipment, with explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof, anti-drop, and anti-crushing functions. Its explosion-proof performance meets the relevant provisions of GB3836.1-2010, GB3836.4-2010, GB12476.1-2013, and GB12476.4-2010 national standards, has been examined and tested by the state-designated inspection agency and issued with an explosion-proof certificate, whose explosion-proof mark is Ex ib IIC T5 Gb/Ex ibD 21 T100℃ IP65.

Functions: Attendance management, access to data, staff historical action track inquiry, maximum number of staff in the electronic fencing system, selection of the signal base station according to the actual situation of the plant.

GK-2Ex attendance management

Using the attendance machine, we can realize statistics and summary of records including attendance days, absenteeism days, and attendance abnormalities Whoever unwell or concealing conditions recorded in the attendance machine will be sent back to the relevant responsible person immediately! Despite the fast onset time of cases, our supervision is quick as well!


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