Ms. Chen Aihua, born in January 1972, Chinese nationality, has no permanent right of abode abroad and holds Bachelor Degree in Polymer Materials from Beijing University of Chemical Technology. She served as Deputy Manager of Risk Management Department and Customer Credit Management Department, Manager of Process Quality Certification Department, and Manager of Integrated Management Department of Sinochem Group; Deputy General Manager of Risk Management Department, Deputy General Manager of Auditing Department, and Deputy Director of Audit and Compliance Department of Sinochem Group; Director of Audit and Compliance Department, and Head of the Leading Party Members’ Group Inspection Office of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. She currently serves as Director of Audit Department of Sinochem Holdings Corporation Ltd., Chair of Board of Supervisors of Sinochem Energy Co., Ltd., Chair of Board of Supervisors of Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Supervisor of Sinochem Finance Co., Ltd., Supervisor of Sinochem Investment Development Co., Ltd., Supervisor of Sinochem Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Supervisor of Sinochem Investment (Liaocheng) Co., Ltd.

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