The Ethylene Project of Sinochem Energy Is Officially Powered-on

Source:Ethylene Project Department     Author:     Date:2019-09-27     

At 14:29 on September 27, 2019, after the main substation was completed and put into operation and start-up program was successfully implemented, the 220kV main substation in the chemical zone of Sinochem Quanzhou 1,000KMTA Ethylene and Refinery Revamping Project of Sinochem Energy was successfully powered on at one stroke. The powered-on main substation is one of the three major milestones of the project, indicating that the ethylene project of Sinochem Energy has gradually entered the single unit test run stage. This provides a power guarantee for the subsequent commissioning of other devices, utilities and production auxiliary systems.

After the main substation supplies power to the power center and the substation of various devices, the ethylene project of Sinochem Energy is fully prepared for production, and strives to meet the goal of intermediate handover by the end of the year.

The main substation of Sinochem Energy’s ethylene project covers an area of 13,261 m2, with a total construction area of 7,245 m2. There are three buildings in the station, including the main control building, the building for 220kV GIS and main power transformation and distribution equipment, and the building for 35kV power distribution equipment. As the power transmission center of the whole project, it guarantees the power supply for each equipment of the ethylene project, the new power station, storage and transportation engineering, public engineering and auxiliary production system.


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